outfit, winter, black trench coat, white supergas, checkered scarf, white beanie, casual

Rambouillet, France, winter, street, quiet, road

White supergas

Winter sun, plants, photography

Vintage clothes, rambouillet, france, winter, photography

Sunset, photography, winter, rambouillet, france

zara beanie, mango sweater and gloves, H&M coat and scarf, cotton on jeans, supergas.

Back after half a year.

The past 6 months just flew by; once I got back from France in early January, school started again and it was just a rollercoaster from there.

I wouldn’t say that I was in my best state for the past half year. I needed some time to settle back down, think and figure some stuff out.

I’m hoping that this long holiday will allow me to find myself again.

Anyway, I still have so, so many photos to edit, especially those taken in France last December. These here were taken the first (second? I can’t remember anymore) day we were in Rambouillet. About 4000 more photos to go.

Wish me luck x

/ today’s earworm: Slowdown – Twiceyoung /

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