I just recently watched this film at The Projector (which is a place that everyone should check out, by the way) and I would say it’s one of the better films I’ve watched this year.

The cinematography, especially, I thought was beautiful, with some interesting framing (if I remember correctly, there were some dialogue scenes that defied the eye line match and rule of thirds). It reminded me a little bit of Wes Anderson’s style. However, there was one particular scene which I did not like, and was my least favourite – a single, long take of the two lead characters (Greg and Rachel) arguing. I read somewhere that this was an impressive scene, but I almost zoned out halfway through it.

Also, Earl was a pretty much under-developed character despite his name appearing in the film title. But I can look past this, because ultimately I think the film centers around the relationship between Greg and Rachel.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this movie and the climax scene – shot with the haunting The Big Ship’ by Brian Eno as the soundtrack – was truly astounding and made me bawl my eyes out.

Now, if only I can watch all of Greg’s and Earl’s short movies – A Sockwork Orange, anyone?


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