Hmmm…this post is a little hard to start but I’m going to try anyway.

I’ve blogged less and less frequently and I’ve been blaming it on a busy university schedule. But I’ve come to realise that that is not true, because I didn’t even blog much during the 3 month semester break, or even now, when I’m having one of the lightest semesters ever.

So I realised that I’ve been telling myself a lie.

I’ve been thinking hard why my passion for putting posts up here have dulled so much, when in the past I used to update this place 3-4 times a week.

I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps it is because my interests/passions have shifted quite a bit.

I started this blog back in 2013 when I loved fashion, and the idea of having a personal style blog. I followed fashion week religiously and read so many personal style blogs my eyes blurred.

Now, I still love fashion as much as I do then, but I’ve also discovered new things that I’m equally interested in.

Film, books (well, I’ve always loved reading so this doesn’t really count), music, photography, lifestyle, interior, art…etc.

So why not…include these things here too? I know this is ‘supposed’ to be a fashion blog, but well, the URL is basically my name. Which probably means this space should have everything I love, no?

I will still have fashion related stuff up here though, that is my first love, but I also want to write about the many other things I mentioned above.

I’m not sure whether this is the right move, because looking at the real world, most blogs which have a niche (say, personal style) are usually more successful (look at personal style bloggers).

This is the opposite of what I’m going to do. But I can honestly say I would be more motivated, and this would make me enjoy the whole blogging business again. And also, being successful isn’t really the end goal here – it’s more that I really like to write about things I’m interested in and this is my platform to do so.

So…let’s get started again. 




Such a nice style, grey and black work well together, and Singapore has such nice views 🙂
Vote for me, to become a French bag brand image:

MERCI so so much, Sand. 🙂


great post

Posts online about Phuket, Provence, Egypt….


Gorgeous setting! And I think it's great to find what you love writing about and branch out a bit! Good luck with it all!

The Marcy Stop


Thank you 🙂


Lovely post, thanks for sharing!



I get exactly what you mean and happy you share it! Remember- this is your own little place on the internet, so do what feels good! It's all yours and you should share your passion and interest, so go ahead – I'm ready 🙂

XO from Malta,


Thank you dear!


Thank you dear!

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