Melange Cafe, Taipei, Milk Tea

Songshang Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei

Raohe Night Market, Grilled Squid, Taipei

Fujin Street, Taipei, Vinyl store

Raohe Night Market food, Taipei, Grilled sausage

Melange Cafe, Wu Fen Pu, Taipei

Raohe Night Market, Taipei, Fruit cake

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Bread shop, Bakery

Raohe Night Market, Taipei

Raohe Night Market food, gyozas, dumplings

Melange Cafe, Waffles and strawberries, Taipei, food

Raohe Night Market, Food, Taipei, wrap, spring roll, popiah

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei

Some more shots from Taipei.

We started the morning off with waffles at Melange Cafe. Pricey compared to the usual Taiwanese street food, but it was nice to just rest in a cozy cafe before embarking on the day’s sight seeing.

On this day we went to quite a number of places – Wu Fen Pu, which is this gigantic wholesale marketplace area that kinda reminded me of the shopping scene in Bangkok. Really not my cup of tea. However, we also went to Songshan Cultural and Creative Park as well as Fujin Street, which were definitely more up my alley. The vinyl store photo pictured here was taken in the basement of a bar/restaurant/cafe place. You wouldn’t have known that it existed unless you went in and saw that there were stairs leading to a basement. I wish I had taken down the name of this place.

At night, we visited Raohe Market which certainly didn’t disappoint. The food was cheap, good and abundant. Just thinking about it makes me want to fly back pronto!




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