Masa's Offline Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, interior

Huashan 1914 Creative Park, travel photography, spiral staircase

Fruit stall, Taipei, Taiwan, photography, travel

Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan, photography, travel

Taipei Fish Market, Taiwan, sushi, travel, food

National Palace, Taipei, Taiwan, photography, travel, architecture

Taipei, Taiwan, street photography, skate boarders, travel

Masa's Offline Cafe, Huanshan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Fish Market, Taiwan

Taipei Fish Market, Taiwan, crab, seafood

National Palace, Taipei, Taiwan, COS green dress, white Superga

Masa's Offline Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan, book case, interior

On this day in Taipei, we started the morning with a visit to Huashan 1914 Creative Park which I absolutely adored. There were tons of things to explore and see here, like this cafe that had the most wonderful interior with cool vinyls and old movie posters (because I really loved this cafe so much and would love for more people to visit it, I went to hunt down the name – it’s called Masa’s Offline Cafe).

Besides my obsession with this cafe, there were also many other things around here, like an indie-ish cinema that were showing all sorts of obscure/foreign films (I wish I had the time to watch one of them). There was also an art exhibition by some art/design students that was ongoing when we visited, showcasing their works. Pretty cool! This park is also where Legacy is located, which is one of the popular concert venues in Taipei if I’m not mistaken. However, the thing that got me the most excited was realising that the ‘Da Vinci – The Genius’ exhibition opened here right on the day we visited, which I didn’t know about beforehand. That was just cherry on top of the pie for this place 🙂

For lunch we decided to head to Taipei Fish Market, which was amazing. I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone who is a fan of fresh and cheap seafood/sashimi/sushi.

After that we went to the National Palace, which is a definite must-go and a popular tourist spot. I’ve actually been here the last time I was in Taipei, but I didn’t mind going again just for the gorgeous architecture.




Oh, these photos are so amazing! They literally speak for themselves! Thanks for sharing them, I hope to visit it soon 🙂

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great post ! 🙂
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Wonderful photos, loved it!

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So happy trip, and amazing photos



Amazing place and pictures!


amazing! Thanks for sharing =)


Looks really cool! Love the photos!


This makes me want to visit so badly!


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