It’s very, very rare that a song hits me like a truck, taking me breath away, causing me to end up listening to it 24/7, non-stop. The previous song that did this to me was probably Hurt Me by Låpsley.

Now it’s this one, and I can’t stop playing it, I think it’s so powerful and overwhelming when a song can resonate with you so much, in terms of your thoughts and feelings. Maybe not just limited to music, but to film, art, books etc as well.

I hope you like it as much as I do!




I so understand you! This happens to me a lot, I so loved this song, you're right it's very powerful and overwhelming!

Hope you have a lovely day and week ahead!
XO, Melissa's Diary


Glad someone feels the same way 🙂


I've never heard about this artist before, but I absolutely love this song. I already started using the replay button, haha. Even though I think I broke it with Demi Lovato's Waitin for you 🙂

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