Sunglasses: Just Jeans/ Blouse: Mango (on sale now!)/ Skirt: H&M/ Shoes: Target Last set of photos from my China trip in May. I realised I mentioned we went to the Forbidden Palace in my last post but I didn’t show you guys any photos of the place. So here you go. It was tough getting … Continue Reading


Sunglasses: Just Jeans/ Dress: Uniqlo/ Shoes: Nike Can’t type much now cause I need to start getting ready to head out and watch The Sound of Music tonight 🙂 Wore this easy outfit to explore the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. Oh gosh, there were so many people I thought I couldn’t catch my breath properly. … Continue Reading


Sunglasses: Mango/ Turtleneck: ASOS/ Dress: H&M/ Shoes: Nike Pardon the rather uninspiring outfit for today’s post; the day we took these photos, we had a packed agenda touring famous places in Beijing, so I went for comfort instead of style (and my limited suitcase options didn’t really help either). Pictures 4 and 5 were taken … Continue Reading